The New Temple Preschool Outdoor Learning Environment

Temple Preschool has an opportunity to transform our outdoor play space into a best-in-class, nature-based learning environment.

Working with a playscape designer, landscape architect, educational expert and our very own children, we have created a vision for a new outdoor space that fosters the social, emotional and intellectual needs of our students.

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Our Vision: TPS Outdoor Learning Environment

The space will be a fun place to play and an integral part of the TPS educational experience. It will bring:

Learning & health benefits

Children will develop creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills; and enjoy health benefits, such as improved sleep, reduced obesity and decreased stress.

New nature-based curriculum

students will strengthen their connection to nature with new life science activities, gardening, wildlife observation, composting and more.

Promotion of Jewish curriculum

The space will integrate Jewish symbols (Hebrew letters, menorahs) so we can learn about Judiasm and its traditions in a new, physical way.

Improved security, safety and shading

Trees will replace the current tarp; solid ground cover will replace the mulch; and the space will be fully enclosed.

Upgraded durable equipment

In lieu of outdated, traditional equipment, we will enjoy natural walking paths, rocks to climb, a tree house, a mud kitchen and more.

Increased square footage

We will have 1,300 more sq. ft. in which to play and learn.


With two natural elements full of outdoor friendly books and reading materials, children always will have access to literature.


Children will develop physical strength and coordination by scaling boulders nested into the side of a turf mound; and slides are always a hit!


Children will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills navigating the maze with multiple entry and exit points.


Centered on and surrounded by important symbols in the Jewish faith, including stars of David, children of all ages can connect with one another in this communal space.


Crafted by a local Nashville artist, children will splash, dump and play in mosaic-lined, natural pools.